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NetZoom® provides an extensive collection of FAQs and a centralized library of Knowledgebase articles that can help users find answers faster, increase user satisfaction and reduce support calls. Access to the FAQs and Knowledgebase is available 24x7 to all NetZoom users.

Use the following link to access the Self-Serve Knowledgebase in the NetZoom Service Portal to explore articles, troubleshooting guides, configuration notes, user manuals and other product information by topic or keyword.

NetZoom Products sit inside the security of the Server (hardware and software) upon which they are installed. To determine FIPS Compliance for an On-Premises install you need to evaluate the Servers involved.

Our standard installation process for On-Premises products includes enabling FIPS Mode and TLS1.2 on the Application Server so a standard NetZoom on-premises installation is FIPS compliant.

NetZoom SaaS Products reside on servers housed and maintained by us. We have set our server environment to comply with the FIPS Standard so NetZoom SaaS Products do comply with FIPS Standards.

Deployment Options
If you are ordering NetZoom Enterprise, you must explicitly choose one of the following deployment options: On-Premise installation, Hosted or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Please review and accept the feature limitations when NetZoom is used as a SaaS deployment. When ordering Software as a Service (SaaS), each product bundle subscription is entitled to manage one site of up to 200 racks without any limit to the number of devices.

Discovery, Monitoring, 3rd-Party Integration, SDK and Administration features are not available when NetZoom is used as Software as a Service (SaaS). When ordering Software as a Service (SaaS), each product bundle subscription is entitled to manage one site of up to 200 racks without any limit to the number of devices.

Product Overview
All subscriptions include following benefits, offered during terms of a valid subscription:

  • Access to the Online NetZoom Device Library of Shapes
  • Access to Online Reference Materials
  • Free Device Shape Requests
  • Free Software Updates
  • Free E-mail Support
With the purchase of NetZoom Enterprise Product Bundle, the following additional one-time benefits are offered during first 12 months of purchase:

  • 4 Hours of Online Implementation Planning Meetings.
  • 6 Hours of Online User Training consisting of three 2-hour sessions.
  • Monthly Status Meetings consisting of 30-minute sessions.
  • SaaS Deployments - Includes Setup, Configuration & Managed Services Support for the SaaS Environment.
  • On-Premises Deployments - Includes 4 Hours of Remote Installation Support for Primary Environment.
  • Hosted Deployments - Includes Setup, Configuration & Managed Services Support for the Hosted Environment.
When using the On Premise version of NetZoom, you will install the application on a physical server or VM server of your choice that you own and maintain.

With the SaaS implementation of NetZoom, you will be provided login information for each of your users to our hosted server infrastructure in the cloud. Discovery and monitoring features are not available when using the SaaS version.
The NetZoom Visio Add-in is a companion desktop product that, once installed, resides in your Visio menu bar and enables quick and convenient access to the devices in any of your Data Center Sites or Inventory using the Add-ins search interface for network and data center diagramming in Microsoft Visio. The NetZoom Visio Add-in also automatically generates rack elevation diagrams for selected racks in the data center.

The NetZoom Visio Add-in comes with a Rack Builder template that doubles your productivity when creating rack elevations by enabling you to create both sides of the rack at the same time.
No, but U.S. Federal agencies that are required to have restricted Internet access may qualify to license a customized version of the NetZoom Device Library for offline use.
Your purchase and use of NetZoom products are subject to your acceptance of the product End User License Agreement (EULA). A copy of the EULA is available at: https://service.netzoom.com.
We offer a Media Pack on USB flash drive (DVD upon special request) for NetZoom® Enterprise. The Media Pack includes installation files, product documentation and sample resources for the subscribed NetZoom product. The media pack does not include the Device Library. For more information regarding media packs, please call 630.281.6464 (Central Time Zone/USA) or contact us by email at Sales@NetZoom.com.

NetZoom for Visio® Add-In and NetZoom Visio® Stencils products are not offered on Media Pack.
NetZoom products are designed to seamlessly upgrade from one product to another. For information on upgrading your current NetZoom installation, contact Professional Services for licensing and upgrade information at https://Service.NetZoom.com.
NetZoom Professional and NetZoom Basic are end of life. Please contact your sales or service representative to upgrade to NetZoom Enterprise.

NetZoom software is licensed to you as an annual renewable subscription service. Clients purchase a product Bundle for NetZoom Enterprise and licenses By User for On-Premise installations or By Rack usage for the SaaS product, and service hours.

Please review the Deployment Options and System Requirements by visiting www.NetZoom.com.

For assistance with a quote or ordering NetZoom, please contact Sales@NetZoom.com call 630-281-6464 (USA/Central Time Zone).
To request a quote or to place an order, please contact Sales@NetZoom.com or call 630-281-6464 (USA/Central Time Zone).
Yes. You may select NetZoom Enterprise By User and By Rack licenses with a duration of either one or three years.
NetZoom accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards.
Yes, call 630.281.6464 (Central Time Zone, USA) or send an email to Sales@NetZoom.com to receive wire transfer information. When ordering, you must send a copy of the bank wire transfer receipt along with the order.
Yes, purchase orders are accepted from authorized Resellers and Distributors, Educational institutions of repute, State and Federal government agencies, large corporations and companies located in United States and Canada ONLY. Payment terms are NET 30 days. An authorized purchase order must be attached with the order form.
All International orders must be pre-paid using one of the following methods: Credit Card, Wire Transfer or Check.
Purchases may include sales tax based on the ship-to address. Sales tax, if applicable, will be at the rate in effect at the time of purchase. We will only charge sales tax in states where such taxes apply. Customers are responsible for any other taxes such as VAT, custom duty, etc. if applicable. If you are Tax Exempt, please include the Tax Exempt document along with your order.
Our invoices are automatically generated and sent to the email address you provided; If you have not yet received an invoice, please contact us at Sales@NetZoom.com or 630.281.6464 (8:30 AM to 5:30 PM US Central Time) for assistance.

Subscriptions and Licensing
Your NetZoom software subscription will start on the date the order is processed, unless an alternate date is clearly specified in the order. Renewal subscriptions start on the expiration date of the previous subscription. If your subscription has expired, you will not be able to access any NetZoom product. Customers must renew their subscription prior to the subscription expiration.