Capacity Analysis, Planning and Optimization

NetZoom® manages data center capacity in terms of Space, Power, Cooling, Compute and Ports. A DCIM with real-time monitoring can help improve Capacity Planning by Knowing and Analyzing the capacity, Predicting future capacity requirements, Evaluating the Impact of change on the data center and Optimizing capacity consumption.

Use NetZoom Data Center Capacity Planning Software to know your capacity at all levels site, building, location, floor, room, rack. Capacity metrics are measured in real-time and automatically aggregated throughout the data center to improve Capacity Analysis, Planning and Optimization.

Capacity Analysis, Planning and Optimization
Analyze Capacity Utilization with NetZoom

Capacity Management at a Glance

Know your Capacity quickly with simple, customizable dashboards and analytics at any place in the data center.

View data center efficiency metrics: Space Utilization, Power Utilization, Cooling Utilization, Port Utilization, % of Virtualization.

Predict Data Center Capacity

Predict Data Center Capacity

Use NetZoom to forecast and predict data center capacity requirements of power and space

  • Evaluate the impact of planned and unplanned changes to the physical infrastructure with What If analysis to know if there is enough available capacity for the next major project.
  • Forecast future capacity requirements based on planned change.
  • Historical trending of real-time metrics help predict future need and answer the question “If and when the data center will Exhaust capacity?” to avoid unnecessary capital expenditure.
Optimize: Reduce Over-Provisioning, Improve Rack Density and Increase Availability

Optimize: Reduce Over-Provisioning and Increase Availability

Use power capping for increased availability in case of CRAC failure.

Monitoring actual real-time power usage over time vs. provisioned power allows companies to reduce or redistribute provisioned power.

Optimize: Reduce Stranded Capacity

Optimize: Reduce Stranded Capacity

Use the Composite Capacity report to help identify and balance Power, Space and Temperature to reclaim stranded capacity.

Optimize: Identify Ghost Servers and Underutilized Servers

Optimize: Identify Ghost Servers and Underutilized Servers

NetZoom identifies Ghost servers that are not participating in any business services, are left behind by an abandoned project or are reported by IP scan but not found in the site data center.

The Underutilized Servers feature and CPU metrics can help identify Underutilized Servers that can be virtualized.

Effectively Manage Data Center Capacity

Manage data center capacity proactively instead of reactively to reduce costs and improve uptime. The many benefits of NetZoom capacity management to meet the data center capacity challenges include:

  • Balancing and Recovering stranded capacity
  • Reducing space fragmentation
  • Reducing over-provisioning
  • Increasing virtualization
  • Eliminating ghost servers
  • Using power profiles and power capping to increase availability
  • Performing technical refreshes to take advantage of technology advancements