Data Center Change Management

Manage data center change (Adds/Moves/Changes) with NetZoom’s Visual Change Management to empower change management personnel and improve operational efficiency.

With NetZoom DCIM Change Management users can:

  • Manage the change process of physical assets, virtual assets, connectivity and software in the data center
  • Create auto-generated work orders
  • Improve accuracy of Asset Inventory records by integrating change requests with CMDBs
  • Reduce time to make a change/deploy or decommission assets
  • Perform built-in conflict checking

All actions performed through Change Management generate an audit trail for the device for compliance and troubleshooting.

Planned Change Management

The Change Management process begins when users initiate a change. Once a Change Request is issued, the process is driven by customizable workflows to completely automate the change management process and notify the parties to reduce the time to completion.

  • Issue Request for Change
  • Approve Request
  • Plan the Change
  • Approve the Change
  • Issue the Work Order
  • Execute the Work Order
  • Complete the Change and Notify Requester

The work order is built as the user interactively plans the changes.

Planned Change Management

Integration with Existing Tools

Out-of-the-box NetZoom integrates with ServiceNow and Remedy for change management service requests. Integration with other CMDBs and ticketing systems can be achieved easily with the NetZoom SDK and open schema.

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"Check Out" to Perform a Quick Change

Authorized users can "Check Out" a data center node to perform a Quick Change without using the Change Management Approval process. Quick Change is usually utilized in response to an event that requires immediate attention.

Unplanned Change for What If Analysis

Is there enough capacity to support the next upcoming project? Use the Unplanned change to perform What If Analysis prior to initiating a change.

Unplanned Change for What If Analysis

Staging Mode

Staging Mode can be used when populating a data center location or performing a large reorganization. When in Staging, Authorized Users can freely edit the selected data center area, import asset inventory spreadsheets and receive an auto-generated work order.

Technical Refresh Made Easy

Tech-Refresh Made Easy

When it is time for a tech-refresh, use Device Replacement to locate and replace the devices that need to be refreshed with one click.

Placement Wizard

Placement Wizard

The Placement Wizard helps users determine where new assets can be deployed. Create a device placement requirement based on rack units, power, heat, weight, and ports required to deploy one or more devices, and then use it to find all the racks with the available resources.